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Eltra® Technology, Inc. (Eltra)
is a manufacturing company that specializes in embedded control systems and has been involved in Zero-Emission and True Series Hybrid vehicle systems for over 12 years. Eltra represents a combination of the words electric and ultra providing ultimate electric technology.
Official Contender in the Progressive Automotive XPrize Contest

Become a SponsorEltra has several patents on their Multi-Partitioned Motor Technology and built an initial ZEV test vehicle that demonstrated a 50% increase in mileage compared to existing electric motor technology. Eltra has been performing bench and dynamometer tests of their True Series Hybrid Technology. Plans include building a hybrid vehicle beginning the 2nd quarter of 2008 to develop an alternative mode of transportation and compete in the Progressive Automotive X-Prize Race.

The new Eltra Hybrid is planned to be a conversion of a production vehicle with dual traction motors utilizing our patented motor technology and achieve 120 to 140 MPGe. Eltra intends to manufacture a complete drop-in cradle conversion system to allow select production vehicles to be converted in just a single day and marketed to select dealerships for individual or fleet sales. In addition to automobiles, Eltra intends to market similar systems to niche markets such as buses, lawn tractors, ATV's, RV's and semi-tractors.

Currently, Eltra is finalizing the development of the E-Flyer True Series Hybrid Electric Bicycle and expects to begin production and marketing in 2009.