Eltra® Technology Team

*Carolyn M Johnson*, President, Sales and Marketing:
Carolyn was involved with the development of Eltra Systems since she co-founded the business in September 1994. She holds a M.S. in Technology from Eastern Illinois University with a major emphasis in manufacturing and a B.S. in Zoology with a minor in chemistry. Carolyn has continuing education in Electronic and Environmental Restoration Technology. She holds a CHMM (Certified Hazardous Material Manager) at the Master Level and has enjoyed her environmental tenure with U.S. DOE and Progress Energy Power Plants. Carolyn has successfully developed sales and marketing programs for industrial equipment. Experiences include creating and developing many innovative programs for several industries including pollution prevention, marketing, manufacturing, environmental, energy, environmental cleanup, nuclear testing, nuclear power, and nuclear weapons. Companies include Johnson's Consulting, MEI, EG&G, Pitney Bowes, National Safety Associates, and Progress Energy.

*Ronald A Johnson*, Secretary, Director of Engineering:
Ron is the Founder of Eltra Systems, Inc. which was started in September 1994 to begin development of the Partitioned Motor Technology. He has been working on the Eltra motor technology since 1994 and has recently been involved in development of a new control system for the Offset Printing Industry and the design of a new series hybrid electric bicycle. Ron attained a degree in electronics at Arizona Tech and started his own business, Current Technology Systems, in 1981 for the purpose of developing and manufacturing video amusement and associated gaming equipment.

He created the industry's first completely automatic Light Emitting Diode (LED) Dot Matrix Progressive Jackpot and advertising system that independently processed each slot machine's jackpot while allowing the remaining machines to continue play. In addition, he developed and manufactured the industry's first and only bi-directional Circular Progressive LED displays with full 360-degree visibility. This circular display rotates graphics both horizontally and vertically with large displays with 12-inch characters and diameters up to 22 feet. Some of this company's customers included the largest casino gambling companies: Harrah's, Caesars Resort, Hilton, Bally's, Circus-Circus Properties, United Coin, Anchor Coin, and R.R. Donnelly.

*Lee Cooper* CPA, MBA; Support Operations:
Lee brings 30+ years of domestic and international business experiences to our team. He has extensive experience in taxation, contracting, systems development, management, information systems, and finance. Lee also has previous experience in start-up businesses and will be involved in developing and managing the company's support operations.

*Liz Thompson*, Distributor Relations:
Liz brings 40 years of wholesale and retail experience including purchasing and sales experience along with a lifetime of public contact and customer service. Liz has independently created several successful innovative business ventures and will be involved with our product lines, including hiring, and overseeing sales reps in several states.

*Jeff Oder*:
Jeff is the Physicist with a M.S. in Physics from University of Arizona at Tuscon and a B.S. in Physics from Southern IL University. Jeff has over 10 years experience in designing printed circuit boards for embedded systems both capture and layout, programmed 8 and 32 bit micro controllers using C and C++, designed and built test fixtures for embedded systems, PLC programming, CNC programming, time studies, plant floor layout, equipment installs and setup, electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic trouble shooting, automation control and trouble shooting, A.C. and D.C. drives, High voltage switchgear, Power electronics and logic interface circuit design, PCB CAD, teaching, and testing.

*Stuart Landreth*:
Stuart is a contractual Electrical Engineer responsible for Autocad drafting and mechanical fabrication. His experiences include responsibility for designing the electrical wiring layouts for new equipment installations in manufacturing plants and the majority of PLC control logic programming for plant automation. He has experience at a major manufacturing plant as the Senior Control Systems Engineer with responsibilities including all PLC control programming and the interline interface for all current and new production lines. Stuart owns his machine shop and has received several awards in fabricating Racing and Restoration Show Cars. Stuart has an Associate Degree in Electronics and several Master Mechanic Certifications. In addition to machining custom automotive parts, he is also an expert in welding, AutoCAD drafting, and mechanical fabrication.

*Steve Sagerian*, Electrical Engineer:
Steve is a senior real-time embedded software developer. He has in depth knowledge and experience developing device drivers and real time embedded applications for 8, 16 and 32 bit processors. He currently works as a project manager for an automotive telematics company, developing OBDII scan tools and automotive products. He has a BSEE from Iowa State University and has worked in the Midwest for companies such as Motorola, Tellabs Inc, Shure Inc and Intermatic.

(Private Contractor):
is the Mechanical Engineer who also has experience as an Engineering Manager for a multi-million dollar manufacturing company and was responsible for all mechanical engineering of improvements and layout of complete full scale engineering project. These duties include redesign of roller gear trains, improved access panels and layouts for new installations.

He has worked in manufacturing for 12 years after receiving his Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He was involved in the SAE Hybrid Electric Vehicle Challenge and Formula SAE. In the HEV Challenge he helped convert a vehicle to a series hybrid configuration using a Briggs and Stratton engine charging lead acid batteries. In Formula SAE he helped design and construct a mini-formula race car.

*Jason Kern*, A.S.; IT Management:
Laser/Electro-Optics in 1994 Vincennes University Experience includes R&D, semi-conductor laser fabrication including MOCVD reactor programming, photolithography, vapor deposition. Repair and maintenance of data network, security system, VOIP, IT management including computer repair, help desk support phone system, and ISP banking business. Experience with vacuum tube amplifier construction, prototype circuits, dynamometer, inverter fabrication, computer system interfaces, fabrication of prototype 40Gb/s optoelectronic modulators, using precision die placement machines, laser welding equipment and hermetic seam seal devices, 3 phase induction motor performance, car aerodynamics, automotive and high performance motorcycle modifications. Lead a team of 10 operators and engineers and increased production to over 1000 devices per month with a revenue in excess of $100,000 per month. Jason was involved with various companies including Eltra Technology, SDL, T-Networks, and TrustBank.